Viernes light: My dear anglo friends… It´s Colombia, not Columbia!!!

This post deserves to be written in English… surely you´ll agree with that. 

cafe-colombianoThis year I had the chance to visit for a couple of weeks that fantastic country called Colombia, and to fall in love with its people, its music, its food, its culture.

And I also realised how many times the name of the country is misspelled (abroad), changing it for Columbia… My friends, the only correct spelling is Colombia! Columbia is the North-American river which «rising in the Rocky Mountains and flowing through British Columbia» in Canada, the name of a city in South Carolina (USA), and Columbia County (and Columbia University) in New York.

I´m not sure if this has anything to do that for some Colombia is the most misunderstood country for USA, more than Irak or Afghanistan… or that many famous made that same mistake (Richard Nixon, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and Starbucks have all made the mistake). But, hey, we are talking about the country of the year, at least for The Economist. And Adidas had to learn this in a «memorable» way…

that misspelling that pisses off Colombians, also gave place for two of them to launch a campaign and merchandise company in 2013 to remind people that “It’s Colombia Not Columbia” (and to make around $15,000 a month off of their merch).  And I found a fabulous Facebook page with that name, too…

So, remember, it’s Colombia not Columbia, in spite of being named after Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas. Give a look to this great album in Pinterest (called, obviously, It´s Colombia not Columbia), or better… visit ColOmbia!!!

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